Tackling Some Of The Most Common Misconceptions Concerning Floor Heating Systems

If you are a homeowner who is on the lookout for a new heating system in your home, you will be faced with an array of choices. One of the choices that you should give a second look is some type of floor heating system. Floor heating is efficient to operate, long-lasting, and provides many benefits. However, there may be a few misconceptions about radiant floor heat systems that get in the way of your considering this as a viable option.

Three Hardwood Flooring Designs That Are Unique And Stand Out

If you want to have an attractive flooring for your home, hardwood floors are a great choice. They are usually simple slats that are made from oak or other common hardwoods. You may not want to have this conventional look for the floors in your home. There are also many other things that can be done with hardwood to give your floors a more unique look. Here are some unique ideas for custom hardwood flooring that you may want to consider doing for the new floors in your home:

Garage Room Additions: Preparing Concrete Floors For Staining

Turning your garage into an extension of your home requires several steps and expenses, from adding insulation to placing it on the home's HVAC system. One place you can save money and time is on the floors. Instead of opting for new flooring, consider decorative stained concrete. The finished floor can resemble tile or even leather when you're done. The following two tips will help you get your garage ready for the staining process.

Why You Have Gaps In Your Hardwood Or Hardwood Laminate Floor

Hardwood floors are beautiful and easy to clean, but you may end up with gap issues if you live in certain climates and are caught unprepared. Gaps can take anywhere from a few months to a few years to form. Major gaps may require your whole floor to be replaced, but if you catch gaps early, you can fix them yourself without having to tear all the wood up. If damage is minor, you can also modify your home's interior climate to help keep the gaps to a minimum.