Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Vinyl sheet flooring is a distinctive type of flooring material that is made out of larger plastic sheeting. Due to vinyl sheet flooring's unique material qualities, it provides a number of characteristic advantages and disadvantages to your floor. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks associated with vinyl sheet flooring can help you decide if it is the right fit for your home's flooring needs. Advantages of Vinyl Sheet Flooring Water Resistance: One of the largest advantages of vinyl sheet flooring is the fact that it is largely water resistant, and will not absorb moisture over time.

Transforming Your Home Interior

If you take a look around your home and decide that you would like to do something to totally transform it, you may be surprised to learn just how few things you really need to do in order to give your home a completely different look and feel. By making 4 changes, you can turn your home into one that looks completely different. Here are 4 steps you can take when you want to change the living environment around you:

How To Lay Carpet Tiles On Stairs

If you plan to install carpet on bare wooden steps, consider installing carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are an easy way to install carpeting without the hassle of cutting and stretching rolls, and the protect the wood under it. Carpet tiles have an adhesive on the back, and you don't need carpet padding. Follow these directions to install carpet tiles on steps.  Prepare to Install the Carpet Tiles To install the carpet tiles, gather:

How To Epoxy Over Your Garage Floor

Your garage stores items that you don't want inside your home such as tools, gardening equipment, and boxes/totes of miscellaneous items, in addition to your cars. Garages aren't usually the cleanest of places, but for some, the garage is their sanctuary; a place not just for working on things or storing items, but for hanging out. These types of people probably have garage floors that you can almost eat off of, and simply having a concrete floor just won't do.

Making Your Floors More Senior Dog Friendly: Options For You

When you are a dog owner, it can be somewhat distressing to you when your dog reaches his or her senior years. While they may still have the spirit and attitude of a pup, their bodies have decidedly begun to deteriorate and they may not be able to get around as well as the used to. If you are wondering what you can do to make your house more comfortable and safe for them in their (hopefully) many senior years to come, get to know some of the ways that you can make your floors more senior-dog friendly.