Common Questions About Caring For Hardwood Flooring

Are you having hardwood flooring installed in your home? If so, knowing how to properly care for the material will help it last for many years to come. Here are some questions about caring for your hardwood floors. 

What Can You Use To Safely Sweep The Floor?

You likely have concerns about causing damage to your floor when sweeping up dirt and debris. Always use a broom that has soft bristles that will not scratch the surface when sweeping. You can also use an electrostatic mop as well. Vacuuming is also an option when set to hardwood floor settings, which disables the brush roller and prevent it from scratching the wood. 

How Do You Mop A Hardwood Floor?

Mopping a hardwood floor is a bit different from mopping tile or other solid flooring material. You'll want to use a damp mop on the surface of the wood that has been soaked with water, which means ringing out the mop thoroughly so that most of the water is gone. If not, water will seep between the floorboards, which is not good for the longevity of the wood. If your flooring has been sealed, you can use wood cleaning products specifically designed to be used on hardwood floors. These detergents are not harsh and will not cause damage to the surface. 

You can also purchase cleaning products that are sprayed directly onto the surface and you mop up with a dry mop. These products will prevent the need to get out a bucket of water and ensure that the wood is not getting too wet. A disposable wet pad mop can also be used to clean the surface in between major cleanings. 

How Can You Revitalize The Floor?

Floor wax does a great job of leaving behind a beautiful finish that really makes your hardwood shine. The trick to using floor wax is to apply it along the direction of the wood grain. It helps the wax get into the grain. When finished, you can dry the floor with a microfiber cloth or circulate the air in the room to speed up the process. 

If the floors are looking a bit rough, you can always refinish the surface to restore it back to how it looked the first day you had them. This requires sanding the wood, applying a new stain, and sealing the surface. Consider refinishing areas of heavy traffic, or wait until the entire floor could benefit from refinishing. 

For more information on hardwood flooring, reach out to a flooring contractor in your area.