Are Hardwood Floors A Good Choice For Your Place?

Hardwood floors are popular in a wide range of residential and commercial settings. It's a good idea, though, to look at both the pros and cons of solid hardwood floors before you commit to installing them. Let's look at 6 possible issues owners might encounter when using hardwood as a flooring material.

Pro: Longevity

With proper care, hardwood floors can deliver many decades of use. That means they impart greater resale value for a home or business. Likewise, most of your continued investment in the floors will be in buffing them rather than having to replace materials every so many years.

Con: Wet or Humid Environments

It's hard to keep moisture out of any type of wood, and sealing the floors in a fashion that prevents the ingress of water is challenging. Once the boards are warped by moisture, there's no option but to replace them. You'll likely want to avoid using hardwood in settings like restaurants, kitchens or bathrooms unless you're willing to commit to very regular maintenance.

Pro: Appearance and Variety

There are plenty of types of hardwoods available on the market today, and they can be customized to a wide range of appearances. Both stains and paints can be utilized to achieve the color you desire. Similarly, boards can be installed in a variety of patterns that allow you to add immense visual interest to your floors.

Con: Traffic and Gouging

One of the biggest enemies of a hardwood floor is deep gouges. Work can be performed to repair damage to hardwood floors, but it needs to be done right away to prevent moisture from getting into the wood. The floors have to be thoroughly treated to make them hold up well in high-traffic areas, and they're less-than-ideal for use anywhere that equipment, carts or vehicles need to be used.

Mixed: Resistance

Hardwoods do hold up well to most types of problems, such as mites, mold, dust, and spores. If you're trying to create a hypoallergenic environment, solid hardwood floors are worth a long look.

Conversely, resistance against insects isn't excellent. As you might expect, infestations of carpenter ants or termites can wreck hardwoods.

Pro: Straightforward Installation

Solid hardwood floors simply need underlying support beams and joists to attach to. You won't be compelled to install extensive decking, padding, and other elements to secure the wood in place, unlike you're required to do with other styles of flooring.