Choosing Kitchen Tile? Tips For Making A Choice You Will Continue To Love

The kitchen is one of the most heavily used rooms in the average home. When this level of traffic is combined with the wear and tear caused by food preparation and moisture, it is easy to understand why kitchen flooring can look tired and worn much sooner than flooring in less frequently used areas of the home.

Homeowners who are preparing to renovate their kitchen, including the addition of new flooring, can use the following kitchen tile selection tips to ensure they end up with a floor that is both durable and beautiful for years to come. 

Safety first

The first rule in selecting tile for a room where spills are likely to be a frequent occurrence is to choose one with enough texture to offer a slip-resistant surface. Ceramic tile is an economical, widely available flooring tile with a suitable texture for this purpose. For those who prefer a higher end option, quarry tile provides a similar texture. 

Colors and grout lines

Another important consideration when selecting kitchen tile is how it will look throughout the years of its expected lifespan. In a busy kitchen setting, opting for a tile with variegated colors can help to hide the crumbs and drips that are sure to happen. 

Grout color must also be considered when selecting kitchen tile. Spills and food residue, along with lots of foot traffic can cause light grout colors to look stained and dirty due to the porous nature of the grout's surface. Opting for a darker grout color can help to prevent the appearance of this unsightly staining. 

Lighter grout colors can be used if the grout is allowed to cure thoroughly after the tiles are laid and then sealed with a durable, washable sealant product. 

Choose a timeless look

Tile designed for use on kitchen floors is available in hundreds of designs, colors, and tile types. This availability can make it easy to choose a tile that you love today, but it might not offer the same appeal a few years from now. 

To ensure that you choose a tile that will be beautiful now, yet still work perfectly with future color and style trends, consider choosing a less trend-setting variety with longer lasting appeal. Simple, earthy tones can blend well with a variety of cabinet and wall colors and limit the expense of installing new tile every few years. 

To learn more about selecting the perfect tile for your kitchen remodeling project, contact a kitchen tile flooring supplier in your area.