Silence Is Golden: What You Should Know Before You Select The Flooring For Your Baby's Nursery

Designing a nursery is an exciting adventure if you're a new parent. You're anxious to pick the perfect wall color, and there's no limit to the cute crib comforters and wall decals you will find for a nursery. Flooring probably isn't the first thing on your mind; however, choosing the right type of flooring is important and can affect the noise level in your nursery.

Before you floor

Check the room for creaks and other noise. Older homes are notorious for squeaky floorboards, and some homeowners may even consider them to be nostalgic. However, a baby nursery with creaky floorboards can startle a baby awake when you need to check on them during the night or at nap time.

Household noise also tends to travel through floorboards and along floor joists. Using a thick layer of insulation between floor and ceiling joists can help to deaden sound. Finding a contractor to replace creaky floorboards and check the insulation in your nursery will pay off in the long run.

Consider carpet

One of the best flooring choices for noise reduction is carpet or carpet tiles. Carpet will absorb the noise from your shoes, and if you accidentally drop a baby bottle or toy, carpet will make the noise less noticeable. Carpet also gives you endless color options, and the variety of material choices makes it a good fit for any budget.

Carpet also provides protection from falls when your baby begins walking, and it can provide extra floor insulation in cold climates. However, carpet has a few drawbacks in the nursery, as it can make cleaning up messes and spills difficult and may have less longevity than hard surface floors. Select carpet made with natural fibers for easier cleanup and best durability.

Don't be afraid of natural wood flooring

Natural wood flooring is beautiful and durable. It is easy to clean and is good for infants prone to allergies, as allergens can't get trapped in the flooring. It works well with any nursery color or theme and makes it easy to transition a nursery into an older child's room in the future if desired.

You can use an area rug on top of wood flooring to help reduce noise and provide a soft place to your baby to crawl and play. Area rugs will provide plenty of protection and can easily be removed for cleaning or replacing. They also make it easy to add a pop of color to the room.

A solid foundation is at the base of every successful project. Choosing the best flooring will help lay the groundwork for your nursery. Good flooring will provide years of lasting endurance and will make your baby's nursery safer and quieter.