How To Lay Carpet Tiles On Stairs

If you plan to install carpet on bare wooden steps, consider installing carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are an easy way to install carpeting without the hassle of cutting and stretching rolls, and the protect the wood under it. Carpet tiles have an adhesive on the back, and you don't need carpet padding. Follow these directions to install carpet tiles on steps. 

Prepare to Install the Carpet Tiles

To install the carpet tiles, gather:

  • work gloves
  • tape measure
  • pencil or chalk
  • calculator 
  • vacuum or broom
  • large paper roll
  • utility knife or carpet knife
  • cutting board 
  • self-adhesive carpet tiles

If the steps have carpeting you no longer need, remove it. Sweep the stairs, or run a vacuum with a hose attachment over them to remove dirt, and wipe any residue left by padding or adhesives. Dirt keeps the tiles from sticking properly.

Measure the Stairs

 Measure the width of the bottom step, and write it down. Measure the length from the edge of the first step to the riser (front of the step), and use a calculator to multiply the length by the number of steps, and round to the next whole number.Multiply length and width for the number of tiles you need to cover the top of the steps.

If you plan to cover the whole step, measure the length from the base to the top. Multiply this figure by the number of risers for the complete step height, then multiply the height by the width for the number of tiles you need for the risers. Include extra tiles to replace damaged tiles when you need them

Lay the Tiles

Set all of the carpet tiles in a safe place for twenty-four hours, so they can adapt to room temperature. Lay out the paper roll on the step, and cut out a template for the step and riser to make a good fit. Lay the template over the steps and risers, then mark the center and borders with chalk or pencil.

Stack several tiles on the cutting board with the carpet side facing down, and lay the template on top of them.Trim the tiles to fit with a utility knife or carpet knife. Use rubbing alcohol to clean residue from the knife.

Remove the adhesive cover from the back of the tile, and begin laying the tiles in the middle where you marked.  Press the adhesive edges firmly on the step where you marked, and make certain they follow the direction of the arrows marked on the tiles.

Use the knife to trim extra tile to prevent tripping. Continue laying the tiles over the steps and risers in the same manner.