How To Epoxy Over Your Garage Floor

Your garage stores items that you don't want inside your home such as tools, gardening equipment, and boxes/totes of miscellaneous items, in addition to your cars. Garages aren't usually the cleanest of places, but for some, the garage is their sanctuary; a place not just for working on things or storing items, but for hanging out. These types of people probably have garage floors that you can almost eat off of, and simply having a concrete floor just won't do. Adding epoxy to the floors will help give your floors the look and feel of a auto showroom, rather than a dingy garage. See below for instructions on how to epoxy your garage floor yourself.

Here's What You'll Need:

  • Painter's tape
  • Protective plastic
  • Stiff broom
  • Garden hose
  • Cleaning solution
  • Epoxy kit
  • Long handled roller
  • Paintbrushes


  1. Start by cleaning everything out of your garage. You need a clean slate to work with, so after you have everything out, use a broom to sweep up dust, dirt, leaves and other debris from the floor. Apply painter's tape and protective plastic along the base of the walls in your garage to help protect these areas from getting epoxy on them.
  2. Next, use a garden hose to wet the floor and apply a cleaning solution to the floor. Soapy water is fine to use, or you can use a concrete cleaner to give the floor a deeper clean. Use the stiff broom to scrub any stains from the concrete. Work your way from one end of the garage to the other, finally making your way to the outside. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly.
  3. Begin cutting in the epoxy around the edge of the floor using a paintbrush. Then apply the epoxy with the long-handled roller, working in a 10 x 10 section at a time. Once the epoxy is applied, you can add the colored flakes (optional). 
  4. Continue this process all along your garage floor until the entire floor is covered with epoxy and colored flakes. Allow the epoxy to dry thoroughly. Then apply a clear coating over the top. If this did not come in the kit you purchased, you can find it at your local hardware store. Read the manufacturer's directions for application.
  5. The epoxy and clear coat needs time to set before you can drive on it, so be sure to read the directions for the proper set time so you don't ruin your new floors (usually 24 - 72 hours).

Adding epoxy flooring will help give your garage the look and feel of a showroom. This is perfect for the car enthusiast, garage man-cave or to just give your garage a cleaner look and feel.