Three Hardwood Flooring Designs That Are Unique And Stand Out

If you want to have an attractive flooring for your home, hardwood floors are a great choice. They are usually simple slats that are made from oak or other common hardwoods. You may not want to have this conventional look for the floors in your home. There are also many other things that can be done with hardwood to give your floors a more unique look. Here are some unique ideas for custom hardwood flooring that you may want to consider doing for the new floors in your home:

1. Combining Wood With Other Materials To Create Unique Designs

You may also want to consider combining the hardwood with other flooring materials for a unique design. This can be done with things like tile and concrete with an acid stain finish. If you do this, you will probably also have to have an epoxy coat applied to the floor to create an even surface for the floor.  Even though this can cost more, it will give you many options for the custom design of your floor. One way that you can get a unique look for your wood floors is to have them installed with patterns. This can be done by alternating the direction that the wood is installed, as well as installing sections diagonally. To make this look unique, you can use different woods to the patterns.

2. Using Tropical Woods As An Alternative To Conventional Hardwoods

If you want wood flooring with a different look, there are many different materials to choose from as an alternative to conventional hardwoods. You can use materials like bamboo for your wood flooring, or even tropical woods that look different from conventional hardwoods. This can be a great way to combine different materials in your flooring design, or even use it for inlays in your flooring. There are some tropical woods, such as Brazilian walnut, which are very resistant to water. This makes these materials a great choice for kitchen or bathrooms, where conventional woods can be a problem because of moisture and humidity.

3. Reclaimed Lumber Materials And Milled Materials With Unconventional Dimensions

Another option for a unique flooring is using different types of lumber. You can use reclaimed lumber materials that are unique wood species for your wood flooring. Milled lumber that comes in different widths can also be an interesting look for your flooring. The materials may also need a protective coat of clear epoxy to protect the wood and give your floor a smooth finish. The epoxy finish is an affordable way to finish the floor and protect it. Epoxy will also allow you to use materials that are not conventional tongue-and-groove flooring, such as wood slats and reclaimed lumber.

These are some unique ideas that you may want to consider for the new hardwood flooring in your home. If you are ready to have new floors for your home with a less conventional look, contact a custom hardwood flooring contractor like one from Costen Floors Inc to get the help you need with the new floors for your home.